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Capital (and largest city). Tunis. ... Put simply, the mid-level retail outlet will typically offer goods more than 90% of which are home produced. As to the rise of the building and construction industry, a fleeting visit to any of Tunisia's smaller towns (let alone the cities) will confirm that development is rampant: many projects, especially hotels, are newly opened, and many more stand as skeleton buildings, ready to be developed as soon as demand - and capital funds - are available to bring them to completion.
Population Growth Rate:1.15% (2001 est.) Highest Point:Jebel ech Chambi 1,544m. Lowest Point:Shatt al Gharsah -17m. Nationality: Noun:Tunisian(s) Adjective:Tunisian. Offical Languages:Arabic. Government Type:Republic. Capital:Tunis. Largest City:Tunis.
Beirut This city is the capital, largest city, and chief seaport of Lebanon. Its original Phoenician name means “The Wells.” ... 8. What is the capital of Tunisia? Tunis Situated on a large Mediterranean gulf, (the Gulf of Tunis), behind the Lake of Tunis and the port of La Goulette, the city’s products include textiles, carpets, and olive oil. The population of the city’s metropolitan area approaches two million.
Cities, Redistribution, and Authoritarian
10Tunisia’s Ben Ali ees after protests which originate in the smaller city of Sidi Bouzid spread to Tunis; Egypt’s Mubarrak is pushed out by a mass movement in the megacity of Cairo (Masoud 2011; Schraeder and Redissi 2011). ... One complication is that a number of nations have moved their capital cities over time.30 It is interesting to note—and consistent with the broader argument of the article that large capital cities are dangerous for autocratic regimes—that each of these cases entailed moving the capital from a larger city to a smaller one.31.
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From here, you will travel frequently to nearby Tunis, Tunisia’s sprawling capital, where you’ll attend lectures by prominent academics from Tunis University and the Center for Maghreb Studies and visit historic and cultural centers, including the city’s seventh-century medina, a UNESCO World Heritage site. ... A highlight of the excursion is El Jem's Roman amphitheater, the third largest in the world. On the island of Djerba, you will visit Turkish and Spanish ribats (seafront forts), Africa’s oldest synagogue, and a Talmudic school in the Hara Kebira (Jewish quarter). You will discuss with the local rabbi and residents...
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Major Cities Tunisia’s urban population has grown rapidly since the 1970s.24 Cities now house close to two-thirds of the country’s 10.7 million people.25, 26, 27 A typical Tunisian city has a medina—an Arab-built, walled and gated old town, with buildings that are hundreds or thousands of years old—and a ville nouvelle (French: “new. ... Tunis, the nation’s capital and largest city, is more than 3,000 years old and still developing.32, 33 It began as a settlement on the southwestern shore of Lake Tunis, an inlet of the Mediterranean Sea.
Reforming the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Whereas the main component in this sample is small and micro enterprises in the capital city as well as in other provincial cities, the World Bank Doing Business index has focused primarily on medium and large enterprises in predominantly capital cities. vi. One of the interesting findings is that a clear majority of respondents in Egypt and Tunisia expressed positive attitudes towards registering their business. ... Three cities represented Lower Egypt while two represented Upper Egypt. The same was done in Tunisia. Besides the capital city, Le Grand Tunis, a.
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International Short Form: Tunisia. Country Calling Code: +216. Capital City: Tunis. Other Cities: Sfax. Government Type: Republic. Independence: 20 March 1956 (from France). Nationality: Tunisian(s). Population: 10.6 million (2011). Ethnic Groups: Arab-Berber 98%, European 1%, other 1%.
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Learn & Serve in Tunisia Location: Tunisia – the cities of Tunis, Nabeul, and Mahdia. ... The trip includes stops at Kairouan, the capital of early Islam in North Africa; Sbeitla, a large Roman site at the edge of the Empire and location of important battles between Byzantine and Arab forces in the 600s; the big oasis at Tozeur, known for its dates; Douz, a small town where the Sahara begins; the hilltop and troglodyte villages in the.
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The geographical location of Tunisia, adjacent to many European cities, is considered ... In addition, the town of Sousse possesses the largest and most comprehensive collection of ancient Roman mosaics in the world. ... The first hotels were built in the capital Tunis.
Who Participated in the Arab Spring? A Comparison of
somewhat larger group in Tunisia (29 percent) identified civil and political freedoms as a secondary reason for participation than in Egypt (11 percent). ... In the Tunisian case, this bargain fostered greater spatial inequalities between the capital and outlying areas. The overall jobless rate for Tunisia in 2010 was 13 percent, and much has been made of the fact that it was 44 percent for youth with university degrees. But the majority of unemployed (67 percent) had no university degree, and problems of long term unemployment were greater for low skilled youth.
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Tunisia (Topographic) (1.18MB) and map key and scale (472K). Portion of AMS Series 2201, Sheet 3 "Tunis", original scale 1:2,000,000. Published by the U.S. Army Topographic Command, 1969. ... Tunisia City Plans U.S. Army Map Service, 1942-1943. Maps on Other Web Sites.
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Tunisia is a country in Northern Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Neighboring countries include Algeria and Libya. The geography of Tunisia is varied and consists of mountains in the north and a semiarid south that merges into the Sahara. The government system is a republic; the chief of state is the president, and the head of government is the prime minister. ... Noun: Tunisian(s) Adjective: Tunisian. Capital City. Tunis (+1 GMT).
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The capital, Tunis, takes great pride in its Punic ancestor Carthage. Capital of Phoenician trade in the Mediterranean, and its most important city-state for centuries, Carthage was a valuable prize that every Mediterranean civilization tried to capture. ... Once the signal is sent, Tunisia still has to deliver on its promise of a better product: an major public-private effort to upgrade the eight largest medinas of Tunisia should form the base of a city-trip strategy that, when combined with an Open sky policy, will encourage European tourists to visit Tunisia multiple times even if it’s for a shorter.
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Tunisia is the 72nd largest export economy in the world and the 77th most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). In 2015, Tunisia exported $15.7B and imported $21.1B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $5.35B. In 2015 the GDP of Tunisia was $43B and its GDP per capita was $11.5k. ... This treemap shows the cultural exports of Tunisia by city, as proxied by the production of globally famous historical characters.
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...to Tunisia I arrived in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, on an evening flight from Rome ... century which is still referred to as the `Ville Nouvelle’. The better-known cities have ... Cats in the old city Relaxing in the old city. All in all, Tunisia is a very interesting place...
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As the voices of the Tunisian people grew louder and the will to make a change galvanized, first in the interior of the country and then spreading to the youth and middle class of the capital of Tunis, this pervasive security apparatus was simply no match for this groundswell. ... From November 2011 thru January 2012, on the campus of Manouba University (Tunisia’s largest university by number of students and one of its most liberal), salafists staged sit-ins demanding that female students be permitted to wear the niqab during classes and exams.
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The SIT Tunisia program is located in the new capital city of Tunis. With a population of more than 1.2 million, the city is the largest in Tunisia, students have the opportunity to experience what it means to live in cosmopolitan Tunisia. Tunis is situated on a large gulf of the Mediterranean Sea, the Gulf of Tunis.
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In planning for this seminar, our goal was not to impose any particular vision of democratic education on our Tunisian guests, but rather to present them with a large menu of the academic and practical training pursued at Georgetown University and USIP. Based on these presentations and the discussions provoked by them, our Tunisian guests would then be asked to present a series of their own proposals for a longer ... Our guests included scholars and policy analysts working in several of the leading Tunisian universities and faculties, including the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Tunis University.
An Empirical Analysis of Compulsory and Voluntary
This section reviews the market for domestic workers in Tunisia and describes some key variables in the survey. The demand for maid arises in the main cities of Tunisia, especially greater Tunis. The survey was conducted from February to April 1998 in Tunis, the capital and economic hub of Tunisia. As the largest city (see Table 2) it acts as a magnet for rural migrants (Hay 1980). Internal migration is relatively easy in Tunisia because of short distances (last column in Table 2) and a well-developed transport network.
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Tunisia’s GDP grew at 4.4 percent a year during that decade, only slightly slower than Turkey’s 4.6 percent. The trade regimes in both countries were relatively open. In Tunisia, poverty rates fell in half, with the share of people living on $2 a day at 4.3 percent. ... There is some evidence that these subsidies, by favoring older, larger and more capital-intensive firms, discriminate against younger and more dynamic firms, which are the ones that create jobs.
The capital is Tunis.
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In addition, I argue that human capital is an undervalued, yet significant resource for the Tunisian people. My research was based on books, academic papers and interviews conducted in Washington, DC and Tunis. I also closely monitored English, French and Arabic language news media for information on the subject. ... December 2012. p.5. Lamont 20. stay in my city and make good money. Now it is a struggle to put food on the table for my children.31. The hope is that more tourists will flock to Tunisia as the summer approaches.
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Muhammad Bouazizi was a twenty-six year old Tunisian fruit vendor who set himself on fire after being publicly assaulted by a female police officer. The uprising began in the rural district of Sidi Bouzid but later spread throughout the region into larger cities, including Tunisia’s capitol, Tunis. The presence of women demonstrating in the protests were a key feature because gender equality had been central to recent discussions of politics.
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Irrigation constitutes the largest consumer of water in Tunisia, using ... The use of treated wastewaters from large urban cities like Tunis, Sousse ... Drinking water charges allow for the recovery of operating and maintenance costs as well as capital investment in...
The Role of Civil Society in
Carthage (located in modern-day Tunis) served as the capital city, spanning thirteen centuries under the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Vandals, and the Byzantines. ... Islamists did not initially play a large role in the uprising, and only joined in the last few days before Ben Ali’s departure.108 Ennahda, Tunisia’s largest Islamist political party, was slow to join the protests (like many Islamist parties in the region) in part because it had much to lose should the revolution fail.
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1. Introduction There has been an explosion of interest in the potential benefits of pollution abatement to. offset some of the costs of reducing gas emissions. While the list of such effects is long and the benefits from each are large, pollution will yield far better deal when these benefits are ignored. ... Eleven stations are established in Tunisia to monitor various pollution indicators of which. five are in great Tunis (the capital) and the rest are located in selected coastal cities where industrial. activities are important: Bizerte, Sfax, Gabes, Sousse.
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Its cities contain narrow winding medieval streets in walled medinas with residents dressed in traditional garb and urban poverty. Yet Morocco also has Casablanca-- its chief port and largest city as well as its economic and industrial capital, the developing port of Rabat, and an excellent road infrastructure. ... Because of a fatal explosion in 2002 at the ancient synagogue on the Tunisian island of Djerba, the Jewish sites were carefully guarded. We saw the beautiful large synagogue in Tunis, which while still kept active by a few handfuls of older people, speaks of a dying community.
Established in Tunis, in January 2017, the office offers an in-situ base for Harvard students and scholars conducting research on the Maghreb and the Middle East. The office’s mission is to host Harvard students in a site geographically located in the area they are studying, to build and strengthen connections and collaboration opportunities with the Tunisian, North-African, and Middle Eastern ... What brings such a large array of fields together is a common interest in the region’s cultural and social diversity and a strong belief in dialogue, in the need for exchange and complementarity into the academic community.
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In April 2016, on the serene Tunisian island archipelago of Kerkennah, just east of Sfax, the country’s industrial hub and second largest city, a hitherto unimaginable event occurred. Angered by the violent repression of a peaceful sit-in, the inhabitants of Kerkennah rose in defiance of the police, and following less than a week of pitched street battles ... [13] Author’s interview with Wissem Sghayr, Manish M’sameh spokesperson, August 18, 2016, Tunis. [14] Naveena Kottoor, “Wanted posters are popping up all over Tunisia’s capital,” The Washington Post, July 25, 2016, accessed August 31, https...
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Visitors to Tunisia constantly comment that the fears that people have of the region in general, are unfounded to the millions of tourists who are still coming to Tunisia. While demonstrations may be a daily occurrence in the capital of Tunis and other places, these remain confined to the neighborhoods which house government offices and have remained peaceful. ... Sfax is Tunisia’s second largest city and an industrial city known for its hardworking people.
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firms are located in coastal regions in Tunisia. A simple analysis of the Tunisian history shows that after the independence in 1956s, the contrast is widening between capital city (Tunis) and other cities of the country as regard to concentration of population and activities. ... It is normalized by the term in the denominator which is the total variance observed. Values of I larger (respectively smaller) than the expected value ! ! = −1/(! − 1) indicate positive (respectively negative) spatial autocorrelation.
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The first 15 days we would stay in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. ... Facts about Thailand. Thailand's capital city is Bangkok. ... The downtown was very big with large buildings. I had difficult time trying to understand the different between Canadian and American dollar.
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Bahrein Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Johannesburg, South Africa Tainan, Taiwan Recife, Brazil Kiev, Ukraine Tunis, Tunisia Manila, Philippines Skopje, Macedonia Chongqing, China Guayaquil, Ecuador. 29 IESE Business School - IESE Cities in Motion Index. 157 181. ... The official capital of the Netherlands, it is the country’s largest city and a major financial and cultural center with international renown.
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GIP Tunisia 2014 Agenda. City Date. Time. Details. Tunis. ... Sunday 2:00pm departure Tunis city tour January 19 7:00pm departure Welcome dinner ‐ mandatory. Monday January 20. Tuesday.
Khalid Koser (2012) has written that: ‘numerically the largest single category of people who have ... Those stranded in the camp went to Tunis, the capital, to ... 7 Some of the more affluent Libyans fled cities in Libya to arrive in the northern coastal cities of Tunisia, for...
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Live TV and Radio broadcast from Tunisia. Tunis National Radio. ... http: Travel Photos from Tunisia. Photographs from different Tunisian cities, and places.
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Kairouan, the 1st Arab capital of Tunisia, at the edge of the desert, drew many Jewish settlers. From the 8th c. onward, this city, an oasis of palms & shade, sheltered a large community devoted to cultivation of Jewish studies. ... Kairouan was declared a holy site of Islam and Jews were denied residence there. The exiles moved to the Jewish communities in the coastal cities of Gabes, Djerba, Sousse, Sfax, Mahdia and Tunis. According to oral tradition, Jews couldn’t live in Tunis, but in Mellasine, a little village next to the city.
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Currently, the threat of terrorism is Tunisia’s greatest concern and will likely remain its largest impediment to prosperity. ... A 2014 Standard and Poor report described Tunisia’s banking sector as fragile and not supportive of investment.45 Comprehensive reform and transparency in the banking system, along with a modern tax code, customs structure, a public-­‐‑private partnerships law (to reduce red tape for international investors), and liberalization of the labor market will help attract private capital and foster domestic development; however
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Correspondingly, the Tunisian regime, first under Habib Bourguiba, and later under Ben Ali, demanded stronger loyalty to its economic visions and policies. To a larger extent, Tunisia amounted to a classic example of the “authoritarian bargain”, where the state ensures economic growth and development and a measure of ... The first protest took place in 35 cities simultaneously, and was of unprecedented magnitude. However, Abdallah (interview 2011) from AMDH estimated that the largest single rally had never exceeded 80,000 people, and that the total number of protesters averaged 300,000 weekly.
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A week in Tunisia November 20-28, 2006 Monday: We ew into Tunis around 2 PM and paid 15 dinar (10.5 dollars) for the cab into town. ... The top of the hill is the acropolis of both Carthage and Roman City. ... These baths are by far the largest preserved ones I’ve ever seen. Easily an acre and a half with three levels for the baths proper and a ... Tunisia is a fantastic place for the variety of sights and environments. The tour had the advantage.
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African Association of Agricultural Economics, AAEA/ AEASA Conference at Hammamet, Tunis – Tunisia, September 23-25, 2013. ... Poor rural communities are predominantly vulnerable to climate change with respect to individual assets such as human and social capital, as well as household and community assets for instance financial and productive assets. The capacity of individuals, households and communities to deal with such impacts in turn determines their resilience to weather stress (Moser 2007).
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Indeed, economic development, real-estate investment, and tourism were all concentrated around the capital, Tunis, and the coastal regions of the northeast and of the Sahel. ... Why did the Tunisian demonstrators deploy such strong slogans: “Freedom,” “Work,” and “Dignity”? These slogans have received a considerable echo among the population, mobilizing individuals everywhere, in all the cities, towns, and regions.
Furthermore, the uprisings that began in Tunisia in late 2010, have highlighted the critically important nature of the labor force outcomes for youth in the Middle East and North Africa. This paper will examine the employment, unemployment and inactivity trends for Tunisian youth from the 1980s to 2010 in order to depict the conditions that led to revolution of 2010-2011. ... The economic development of Tunis and its surrounding cities causes a large influx of job seekers, including graduates to flock to the capital city.
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Nationality: noun: Tunisian(s) adjective: Tunisian. Ethnic divisions: Arab-Berber 98%, European 1%, Jewish less than 1%. ... Capital: Tunis. ... Overview: Tunisia has a diverse economy, with important agricultural, mining, energy, tourism, and manufacturing sectors.
In 2010, when news of Bouazizi’s protest reached the large port city of Sfax, a successful general strike was similarly repressed. In Sfax, however, the security forces failed to curb the momentum of revolt as it rolled towards the capital Tunis prompting President Ben Ali into exile.10 As the president fled on 14th January 2011, the Tunisian regime retreated, allowing space for power to be reconfigured in Tunisia.
Tunis is the densely agglomerated and cultural capital of Tunisia. Situated on a large mediterrainian gulf, in the heart of the city lies the medina which contains many historical and monumental mosques. These mosques are the buildings which bring together the locals in a daily ritual of prayer. My proposal is thus a simple stone mosque in a residential sector of Tunis. The mosque provides a spiritual haven for Tunisians and visitors alike.
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(Gunther 66). Noteworthy early history of this region includes the rise and fall of Carthage, located in the general vicinity of Tunis, Tunisia, which was ultimately conquered by the Roman Empire. ... Algeria has the seventh-largest reserves of natural gas in the world and is the second-largest gas exporter; it ranks 14th in world oil reserves (World Factbook, www.cia.gov). The capital of Algeria is Algiers and other significant cities are Constantine, Tamanrasset and Oran.
Educational Mismatch and Regional Disparities
7. Tunisia presents regional disparities in terms of economic activities concentration and. ... Capital Tunis, present more chance to be in mismatching situation. ... Human Capital Externalities in Cities. In Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, vol. 4, eds.
Imperial Rule, and Migration in the Mediterranean
Tunisia’s large Italian community, however, resembled the Italian “colonies” of Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, New York, and San Francisco, under foreign rule yet closely tied to Italy by a web of trade, culture, and social communications. ... In the capital city of Tunis, the Società Internazionale Juvenes Carthaginis (International Society of Youth of Carthage) sponsored drama, dancing, and concerts and dropped the “International” moniker in its name to be more overtly Italian in 1894.30 Accompanied by their 57-piece musical band, “Star of Italy,” the Pro-Patria Gymnastic Society in Tunis practiced fencing and juggling...
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The Daily Cougar, the daily newspaper of the University of Houston and Houston's second largest English-language daily newspaper; wrote an article on TUSANA event on the front page. Here is the link to the article. ... On Wednesday, March 6th 2008, TUSANA will hold a food sale with Tunisian food such as Couscous, breeks, tajines, salad. Tunisian tea and baklawas will be served. Please join us this day and eat good and healthy food, from 11am to 2.30 pm. 01/05/2008: Seminar on Education in the USA: EPT Tunis on 01/09/08.
Emerging Identities in Colonial Tunisia: "Alliancist"
It was recognized by the Tunisian government in 1911 and gained adherents largely from the middle class and the masses. In 1920 A. Valensi was instrumental in organizing the Zionist Federation, an umbrella organization of Zionist groups in Tunisia. He also served as the Tunisian delegate to the Twelfth Zionist Congress in Carlsbad (1921). ... Tunis : C. Saliba et Fils, 1912. 418-19. Land, Joy A. “Corresponding Lives: Women Educators of the Alliance Israélite Universelle School for Girls in the City of Tunis, 1882-1914.”
Algerian Independence
Algeria is located in northern Africa along the Mediterranean coast between Morocco and Tunisia. The Atlas Mountains divide it into two major regions: the coastal plain in the north, which covers about one tenth of the country, and the Sahara Desert in the south which covers the other nine tenths. All of the major towns are located along the coast including, from west to east, Oran, Algiers (the capital), Constantine and Annaba. South of the mountains, the largest towns are all oases like Ghardaia, El Meniaa (formerly called El Golea) and Tamanrasset.
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Tunis also was a market for goods from sub-Saharan Africa: gold, ivory, slaves, and ostrich feathers. It contained splendid mosques and palaces, public gardens, and colleges. At this point in his trip, Ibn Battuta tells us he was rather homesick ... Since the next pilgrimage season was still eight months away, he decided to be a tourist and visit Cairo, the largest capital of the Arabic-speaking world and the largest city anywhere in the world except those in China! Its population was estimated to be about 600,000 people.
Language Problems in Post-Colonial Tunisia: The
In Tunisia, as in other parts of the Maghreb, such as A lgeria and M orocco, the existence of various forms of the indigenous tongue (Arabic, and in some areas, Berber) has been complicated by the presence of foreign languages, namely French. Linguistic issues, in turn, cannot be separated from culture, the milieu in which language finds its meaning. ... This general interaction of socio-economic and educational factors applies in the case of actual families. The Gharbi family lives in a village near Sousse, one of the larger cities in Tunisia.
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It is the largest country of the Mediterranean sea, the second largest on the African continent and the eleventh-largest country in the world in terms of land area. It is bordered by Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mali and Mauritania in the southwest, Morocco in the northwest, and the Mediterranean ... It is one of the smallest countries in continental Africa, and comprises two regions: a Continental Region (Ro Muni); and an Insular Region containing Annobn island, Bioko island (formerly Fernando Po) where the capital of Malabo is situated, and several offshore islands like Corisco.
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Those familiar with Tunisia and Tunisian history will not be surprised to hear that the largest percentages of Europeans and Jews were to be found in Tunis, the capital. Indeed, 53% of the Tunis population was listed as European and 9% as Jewish. ... One hears both French and codeswitching far less in other places — even smaller cities — in Tunisia, and those who do not live in the capital city often comment on these practices in very negative ways.
An abstract of the thesis of
I found myself parachuted into Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, on a nine-month program of study. The language and the culture whirled and danced about my head, both in schoolhouse lessons and every day on the street. The question echoed in my mind, “What are you doing here? ... Tunis was by far the largest city she had ever visited. A silvery, new camera dangled from her wrist. We walked with impunity, enjoying the mostly empty streets of a Sunday afternoon. Ben Ali’s smiling eyes offered us his loving protection. Proudly, I showed the women my city, Tunis.
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179), who examined the urban dialects of several Arab cities, “in the contem-porary period, the urban vernacular of the main capital cities are often believed to play the role of regional or national standard”. One of the informants I re-cently interviewed in Tunis, who had immigrated from the South as a teenager ... The language continued to be used within the large Italian community, which reached 85,000 people in 1956, until the early years of In­ dependence and the mass emigration of the European population. Cifoletti (2009) found that several words have made their way into Tunisian Arabic including frishk ‘fresh’...
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The government and elite were nearly all French-educated and the majority of Tunisians lived close to the most francophone areas of the country, including the northern coasts and especially the capital of Tunis. ... impenetrable division.‖lxviii The Netherlands faces practical constraints against becoming a multilingual society like Tunisia because of the large Dutch-speaking majority.
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A larger group writes about Tunis—Sophie Bessis, George Cohen, Colette Fellous, Gisèle Halimi, Serge Moati, Albert Naccache, Gilbert Naccache, Maya Nahum and Brigitte Smadja. I argue that their affirmation of their Maghrebi roots in these works maintains their long-standing claim to a French-Jewish-North African ... At the end of the Second World War, around 60 percent of the total Tunisian Jewish population lived in the capital, some 42,000 altogether.14 Casablanca’s Jewish population reached 75,000 by 1951.15 In both cities, Jews were a visible, important minority, with certain neighborhoods, streets and.
During Tunisia’s struggle for independence, leaders of the national liberation movement established good relations with the United States. On May 17, 1956, the U.S. was the first great power to recognize the sovereign state of Tunisia and, soon after that, moved its Embassy to Avenue de la Liberté. ... played a critical part in the construction of the Tunis/Carthage airport and other major capital projects such as the Oued Nebhana Dam, pipeline and irrigation systems located in Central Tunisia, highways and bridges throughout the country and improvements in water supply systems serving Tunisian cities.
Until recently, tourism has been one of the Largest growth sectors in the Tunisian economy as woll as a major earner of foreign exchange. Between 1962-1974, the number of tourists, the amount of foreign exchange earned, and the number of hotel beds have each multiplied thirteen fold. ... 1 eua= 2.1 TD. People, resources, and equipment. Population : 5.7 million (1976) Annual growth of population (1970-1974) - 2.4% Density : 34 people per km2 Cities : (population in 000, 1966). - Tunis (capital).
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The commander of Bijaya at this time was the chamberlain Ibn Sayyid an-Nas. Now one of the Tunisian merchants of our party had died leaving three thousand dinars of gold, which he had entrusted to a certain man of Algiers to deliver to his heirs at Tunis. ... Zabid is a hundred and twenty miles from San'a, and is after San'a the largest and wealthiest town in Yemen. It lies amidst luxuriant gardens with many streams and fruits, such as bananas and the like. It is in the interior, not on the coast, and is one of the capital cities of the country.
About 58% of the population lives in the six state capitals – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobard. Apart from this cities and the federal capital of Canberra there are less than two dozen cities with a population of more than 20,000. ... 1. Dublin is the largest city and principal seaport of the Republic of Ireland. 2. Forests protect the soil and water resources better than the most excellent artificial measures. 3. The most accurate and complete method to determine the minimum age of the Earth is to study radioactive minerals.
Arab Spring in Tunisia and Egypt: The Impact of
Tunisia arab spring. The driving forces behind the Tunisia revolution were a c~binati~ of political corruption and nepotism exercised by the. dictator, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, food inflation, high unemployment ... 62 International Journal of Contemporary Sociology. second largest city. After blogger Majdi Calboussi's recorded the protests and police violence on his blackberry, which he then uploaded onto Twitter and YouTube, the video got half a million hits the first day alone and fueled the outrage (Levine 2011).
Tunisia–The Imprisonment of Fahem Boukadous (Part One
As the movement built over January and February, support committees sprung up in the major coastal cities of Tunis, Sousse, Sfax as well as in France which hosts a large Tunisian community as well. ... It was an explosion of sympathy for the Arabs countries involved in the fighting, and for the Palestinian people who were caught in the middle. The explosion took the form of angry demonstrations all over the country, but none were angrier or more militant than in the capital Tunis.
The majority of the population is under the age of 35, resides outside of the largest city—the capital Tunis—faces similar constraints in terms of economic opportunities and social mobility, and faces similarities in terms of experiences with both the regime and the police apparatus in particular. ... On the 28th, protests in some form or another occurred in every important urban center across Tunisia, and were also evident in many smaller isolated towns and cities and even some rural areas. 36.
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In Tunisia the slave trade peaked under the Husaynid dynasty (1705–1881). The first steps were taken to abolish slavery in 1846, and by 1890, slave holding and trading finally became illegal, with fixed penalties (Ibid.: 84). In contemporary Tunisia blacks live mainly in the south and in large cities in the north. ... This dissertation is based on ethnographic field research I conducted in Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia.
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The author would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of this case-study, particularly Dr Dhikrayet Gamara (coordinator of the Tunisia National Malaria Control Programme), who facilitated the work of Dr Guintran in Tunis, and the reference librarians and other WHO staff who extracted a large amount of information from the WHO archives in Geneva and Cairo. ... Medenine. Tataouine. International boundary Governorate boundary National capital Governorate capital Other cities. Remada El Borma. LIBYA.
Maps of Africa - Tunisia
Historic and contemporary maps of Tunisia for use in the K-12 classroom. Plan of Carthago, 146 B.C. A plan of the Punic city of Carthago (Carthage) in on the northern African coast of today's Tunisia at the end of the Third Punic War, around 146 BC. This map shows the large necropolis to the north of the city, the Amphitheatre, Forum and Byrsa the ...
Roman Mosaics from Tunisia (Getty Museum)
In 2006, the Getty Museum collaborated with the Institut National du Patrimoine (INP), Tunisia, to conserve three ancient Roman floor mosaics belonging to the Bardo Museum and the Sousse Archeological Museum. ... The large, old fills were reduced and replaced with a synthetic-based fill material, and textured to mimic ancient mortar with missing tesserae. These areas were intentionally made to appear worn and deteriorated. The fills were then inpainted with watercolors to visually integrate the mosaic.
The 2009 North African Reading Tour and Lecture Series...
In Tunis, a highlight was the writers’ presentation and book signing at the Tunis International Book Fair. Other events included a reading and conversation with students in the Department of English at Université de la Manouba, and a visit with a Tunisian publisher as well as with local press. ... Their texts, prepared for the occasion, ranged from Haris Pasović's account of the ways in which cultural activities preserved the character of a city under siege to Ahmed Burić’s reply to the Polish poet Zbigniew Herbert's widely-known poem "Report from a Besieged Capital."
Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Investigation of Coastal...
Competition among agriculture, industry and cities for limited water supplies is a constraining factor for economic development in many countries, including Tunisia. Despite water shortages that are already acute, misuse of water is still widespread. In North African countries bordering the Mediterranean, agriculture is an important part of the economy and uses a large amount of water.
Anatomy of an Institutional Failure: Tunisia's Lending...
As mentioned above, FOPRODI was created in 1974 with three important objectives: (1) to increase entrepreneurship by promoting new entrepreneurs in SMEs (defined as firms with capital of up to one million Tunisian dinars)7, (2) to help decentralize manufacturing activities in a country in which these activities had been highly concentrated in the coastal region in general and its three principal cities. (Tunis, Sfax and Sousse) in particular, (3) to lower the country's persistently high official unemployment rate (of about 16%).
ISG Faculty Biographies | SUNY Potsdam
He has given presentations at the University of Massachusetts, Southern Illinois University, and Rio Grande University, and is active in international projects, such as with the National Institute of Applied Science in France. Jalel consults for public and private Tunisian companies, and also serves as a regionally elected town official for Hammam Chatt. ... In his doctoral research, Nizar is seeking to develop an integrative model of HRM, human capital and knowledge management in knowledge intensive firms. He moved to Tunis in 1996 from Sousse, his native, coastal city.
A New World of Musical Learning in Tunisia
The antisecular political party that took control after the Tunisian revolution last year believes that music should be outlawed. Patrick McGuire plays the kanun at the Jendouba (Tunisia) Conservatory of Arabic Music. ... In the small village of Beni Metir, members of the antisecular Salafist political party threatened our female students for dancing and wearing clothes that they considered to be too revealing. In the city of Beja, our joint performance with students from Beni Metir and Beja had to be relocated because of a group that was protesting our presence there.
Modernization and women in tunisia
Even a large number of people were against al-Haddad’s ideas; there were also supporters to him. For instance, Mahmud Zarruq and Dr. Cohen-Hadria wrote articles supporting al-Haddad’s book (Jarrow, 1999). Al-Haddad touched on the women’s emancipation issue at a time when French and Western based reforms were being seen as detrimental to Tunisian. ... Tunisia was rebelling against France and bloody conflicts were happening in capital city Tunis and all over the country.
Geography 242
9. Urban Geography I - Themes (Chapter 4 and Slide Set 9) A. Ancient Cities B. Greek and Islamic Influence C. Internal Structure of the City D. World and Middle East City Size E. Primate Cities F. Megalopolitan Growth G. Port Cities and Capital Cities H. City Growth and Urban Problems. ... Cities Abu Dhabi Alexandria Algiers Amman Ankara Aswan Baghdad Basra Beirut Cairo Casablanca Damascus Istanbul Jerusalem Kirkuk Kuwait City Mecca Medina Mosul Muscat Rabat Riyadh Sana Tehran Tel Aviv Tripoli Tunis.
Weekly Oceania & Africa
creased 3.7% in Australia’s big-gest cities. Nonetheless, the Australian housing market is in the middle of a healthy growth phase. ... Ignoring party in-terests, Tunisia’s soon-to-be. former government accom-plished their goal of a ... This is due to South Africa’s large currenc account deficit, coupled with trade-releases indicating the ... · Australia’s Central Bank continues to keep its benchmark rate at a rec-ord-low, spurring capital investment.

High net interest margin and profitability tend to be associated with banks that hold a relatively high amount of capital, and with large overheads. Size is found to impact negatively on profitability which implies that Tunisian banks are operating above their optimum level. On the other hand, we found that macroeconomic variables have no impact on Tunisian bank’s profitability.
UT Knoxville | College of Arts & Sciences - Seminar
Aqueducts run for miles across the landscape and ancient cities dot the landscape. The amphitheatre at El Jem is the third largest amphitheatre in the Roman world and is likely in the best state of preservation. And there are few tourists. If you think of the lines of tourist in ancient Rome and the Forum during the summer you will not believe the freedom from crowds you will find here. ... Tunisia is amongst the most moderate of the Muslim states and you will find, particularly in Tunis, a modern cosmopolitan capital.
Divided Rule - Mary Dewhurst Lewis - Hardcover - University...
The ongoing impact of the bey's treaties with a variety of European nations, particularly Italy and Great Britain, was manifest in countless dimensions of Tunisian life-from property rights and taxation to criminal and civil law-and so ensued incessant jockeying with regard to issues large and small. ... When the French army entered the capital city of Tunis on 11 October, for instance, Raybaudi Massiglia complained personally to the bey.52 When Roustan subsequently notified all consuls that the occupation of Tunis had military, and no political, objectives, Raybaudi Massiglia refused to sign in receipt of the circular, rejecting...
Tunisia Video Collection
Tunisia Video Collection. The Silences of the Palace Capitol Home Video, 1996 125 minutes, color. This video examines a woman’s struggle in dealing with her childhood past. The video begins by introducing the woman named Alia. When Alia is informed that a man from her past, named Sid’Ali, has died, she is forced to re-live her life and her mother’s life and death.
Impressions and Thoughts of an Incidental Tourist
I indeed saw all of these as well as the unanticipated sites of tanks and armed soldiers, policemen and the national guard in the city of Tunis, the bustling capital of this small North African country, also known as one of the Maghreb region, boarding with Libya and Algeria, burning tires in small towns and a nation taking to the street the frustration. with a corrupted dictatorship of 23 years. Tunisia is a progressive westernized Muslim country (98% of the population are Muslims) with a culture that is a mix of secular and Islamic features, new and old.
Study Abroad Programs | Middle East and Islamic Studies
Housed in a large, shady villa, ALIF provides an ideal setting for studying in Morocco's "intellectual capital", and for exploring the historic medina of Fez, one of the world's few remaining medieval cities. ALIF resources include an extensive library collection focusing on Arabic linguistics, the Maghreb, Islamic Art and Architecture, and Islam. ... Bourguiba Institute of Modern Languages (Tunisia). Dates: Summer, Full Year. Location: University of Tunis. Description: Six-week intensive summer program in Modern Standard, all levels.
Ibn Battuta’s Travels in Asia and Africa, 1325-55 – Excerpts
On reaching the city of Tilimsan [Tlemsen], whose sultan at that time was Abu Tashifin, I found there two ambassadors of the Sultan of Tunis, who left the city on the same day that I arrived. ... Zabid is a hundred and twenty miles from San'a, and is after San'a the largest and wealthiest town in Yemen. It lies amidst luxuriant gardens with many streams and fruits, such as bananas and the like. It is in the interior, not on the coast, and is one of the capital cities of the country.
Financing education
For example, in Tunisia, which has an overwhelmingly public university system, the authorities have added tax incentives to encourage private investment in higher education. In Chile, where private higher education accounts for two-thirds of all places of study, the government pays most or all of the tuition fees of 85 percent of students attending private universities. ... Until now, it has only been possible to develop limited cross-nationally comparable proxies for human capital – largely in the form of years of initial formal education.
Spoleto: Re-Use of Antiquities in Turkey, Syria and North Africa
See p. 523: Spoliazione sistematica delle fondazioni cristiani da parte degli arabi (protobyzantine capitals at Kairouan, Sfax, Tunis, Gafsa). And they tended to go for the best material: cf. C. Barsanti, Tunisia: indagine preliminare sulla diffusione dei manufatti di marmo proconnesio in epoca paleobizantina, in ... The result is a mess, contrasting with the towers flanking the gate, which are presumably 2ndC BC (the date of the foundation of the city) and, like the surviving stretch of wall to the north of the gate, of impeccable courses of large blocks, as presumably representing the most important (landward) aspect of the city.
Allan H. Tunis
Allan H. Tunis. Kansas City School District Interim Superintendent. Allan H. Tunis joined Kansas City Public Schools as Chief Financial Officer in November 2011. In June 2015, the KCPS Board of Directors chose Tunis to be Interim Superintendent. Mr. Tunis will be speaking on the challenges facing the education of. diverse students in urban schools.
Project MUSE - A Comparative Political Economy of Tunisia...
In September 1969, Tunisia's president Habib Bourguiba ended centralized economic planning and began a promarket strategy of economic liberalism (al-infitah). He removed barriers to the flow of trade and capital and promoted a strategy of export-oriented growth that was directed toward European consumers. White contends that Tunisia was the first to turn to economic liberalism and an opening to Europe largely because "its state elite was flexible and pragmatic and has large support from powerful societal sectors."
Tunisia and the Arab Spring · TUNISIAN POLITICAL SCENE
In response the young Tunisian set himself on fire outside of the governorate building. Shortly afterwards protests erupted in Sidi Bouzid and then to other cities and towns across Tunisia: Buoazizi became a symbol of Tunisians’ frustration with corruption and the authoritarian rule of President Zine el Abedine Ben Ali, who had been in power for almost a quarter of a century. ... For Bourguiba, the old Destour party represented primarily the of the landed elite in Tunis. If the liberation movement was to gain enough popular support, Bourguiba knew that the party would have to reach a larger spectrum of the population.
Second Global Conference
centralised in the capital city of Stockholm. ... 1007. Tunis. Tunisia; Email: adnanehayder@yahoo.fr Regional dynamics in Tunisia During the last four ... Are medium-sized cities - like large cities - incorporated in international competition and does this...
Daniel P. Ritter
penetration in Egypt and Tunisia point to the fact that Facebook groups were instrumental in the early stages of the revolutions. These online communities allowed movement leaders to coordinate dates and meeting points for the initial protests, thus increasing the likelihood of large turnouts (Hauslohner 2011; Miladi 2011). ... A non-mediated, transnational loop of protest was created, where domestic events became global news in a glimpse of a moment, and where regime-critical statements from the White House and capitals throughout the world were received by hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets...
The Economy and Economic History of Algeria
One of those trading stations, in what is now Tunisia, grew into a major power in its own right, Carthage. ... They conquered and destroyed cities and they turned farm land into pastureland. ... The reality was quite different. The GPRA was set up in Tunis by the FLN in 1958 as an Algerian Government in exile. ... Instead the focus of Boumedienne was state planning of capital-intensive export-oriented industry.
Region Taken as an Example) | Cities
Lower position Israel, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, France. Bulgaria, Greece, Italy. ... African countries Algeria Egypt. Tunis Libya Morocco Asian countries Israel. ... Table 5. Cities of the Mediterranean and Black Sea region countries with the largest ... TOP-20 Webometrics Ranking by countries and cities it is shown that the highest concentration of the universities and research centers is characteristic mostly of capitals of Slovenia, Serbia...
Change in Tunisia
“The book represents a study of Tunisian society at a depth and level of scholarly expertise seldom before attained. The individual essays cover a wide spectrum of Tunisian life, ranging from the emancipation of women, to family planning, to social mobility, and the data on these and all the other subjects are impressive. The book is an important and welcome contribution to the field of development in general and, in particular, to the literature on Tunisia covering the period up to 1971, for which it will be a very useful research tool.”
Baths of Carthage - EPOD - a service of USRA
It became a provincial capital in 29 BC and during the next 200 years became the Empire's third largest city. Bathing was a fundamental part of ancient Roman society. The baths here were begun by Emperor Hadrian in the early second century on the coast of the Mediterranean. ... A 138 by 72 ft (42 by 22 m) frigidarium (cold room) was at the center and can be identified today by one of its eight 49 ft (15 m) high columns. Today, Carthage is on the outskirts of Tunis, Tunisia.
The case of tunisia
Tourism in Tunisia:-Among Tunisia's tourist attraction sites are its cosmopolitan capital city of Tunis, the ancient ruins of Carthage, the Muslim and Jewish quarters of Jerba, and coastal resorts outside of Monastery. According to The New York Times, Tunisia is "known for its golden beaches, sunny weather and affordable luxuries."37. ... The economic development of Tunis and its surrounding cities causes a large influx of job seekers, including graduates to flock to the capital city.
S trategic
Morocco. Marrakech. Tunis Algiers. Oran Tunisia. Mediterranean Sea. Algeria. ... Other than Algerians, the largest number of AQIM recruits now comes from Mauritania. ... These in-clude: increased AQIM operational presence and attacks on capital cities, including...
San Diego State University Georgia
Tbilisi is a world-class city with many things to experience.
The Tunisian Revolution: Empire and the Power of
By 1230, the region became a separate Tunisian dynasty, established by the Hafsids and boasting a large population of Muslim Andalusians from Spain. Ultimately, Tunisia exemplified the shifting and waning power of the Middle East through the dwindling influence of the Ottoman Empire and the growing influence of the European world, with control of the Tunisian region exchanged from one European colonizer to another before eventually stabilizing in 1881, when France conquered Tunisia. ... By December 27th, the protests had moved from Sidi Bouzid to the capital of Tunis and various other cities.
1. I was a resident of Tunisia on the date of my arrival in the United States. I am not a U.S. citizen. I have not been lawfully accorded the privilege of residing permanently in the United States as an immigrant. ... This compensation qualifies for exemption from withholding of federal income tax under the tax treaty between the United States and Tunisia in an amount not in excess of $4,000 for any tax year.
Summer Near Eastern Language Instruction (off campus)
Cairo (Egypt) CASA at the American University of Cairo (Egypt) Al Diwan Center for Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (Cairo, Egypt) Bourguiba University of Tunis (Tunisia) William and Mary's Study Abroad page. ... The Modern American Language Institute is Yemen’s largest language institute. The Arabic Program (MALI - AP) is located both in Sana'a, the capital city of Yemen, and Aden in South Yemen.
Analyzing and Reforming Tunisia’s Tax System
The tax is due from capital companies established in Tunisia, from cooperatives, from public non-administrative companies having a profit, and from foreign businesses not established in Tunisia because of their Tunisian source income. Losses may be carried forward for four years, and deferred depreciation may be carried forward indefinitely. ... Tunisia’s tax effort index for these taxes (or the actual percent of personal income tax revenues plus Social Security contributions divided by the estimated percent) is 1.34, among the largest in our sample.
Southwest Asia
Oman is also an absolute monarchy centered on the capital city of Muscat. Oman consists of two parts, the large eastern corner of the peninsula and a small but critical cape to the north, the Musandam Peninsula. This protrudes into the Persian Gulf to form the Hormuz Strait. ... This country borders the Mediterranean Sea is one of the richest in the North African / SW Asian region. However, it has no oil or coal and few resources: Tunisia. Turkey.
The European Union, Tunisia and
The Egyptian and Tunisian crises raise several questions: does it symbolize a failure from the EU to advance its values and norms? Or is it simply a rational political choice made by EU Member States to advance their interests before the Union’s interest? As argued by Jenkins, “in reality there is no such thing as an ethical foreign policy. ... EU values and norms – human rights, democracy, rule of law and so forth – have not been at the heart of the previous relations between European capitals, Brussels and Tunis/Cairo.
Being Ghetto: The Hara as Heterotopia in Judeo
Tunisia’s capital, Tunis, is an excellent example of this space of otherness; in francophone Tunisian literature, Tunis is an hantise, an obsession that crystallizes and mirrors the marginality of its inhabitants, constantly appearing in forms that surpass the function of mere setting. ... Although it is unclear why Jews were excluded from living in Tunis while they were allowed to live in other large, Muslim-controlled cities of North Africa,[20] the fact that they were denied the protection offered by dwelling within the city walls clearly placed them in crisis.
Law and the Lodestar: Tunisian Civil Law and the
As the Tunisian Constituent Assembly voted on the provisions of its new post-revolution constitution, international media reports—noting that the new constitution contains no express reference to Islamic law—ebulliently declared that Tunisia had rejected Islamic law and embraced secular civil law.1 Shortly thereafter, on the same day the rhapsodic headlines were printed, the deliberation on the Tunisian constitution was suspended “. ... Until they were occupied by the Europeans, these countries were known by the names of their capital cities, Tunis and Tripoli.”
Information to users
Tunis Tunis, located in the northern Tell, is the largest city in Tunisia, with a population of approximately 1,179,000 (INS, 1983). Because it is the capital and the conmercial and educational center of the nation, Tunis is considered by most to be ahead of other areas in terms of modernization, including greater freedoms and employment opportunities for women and men. Not only does Tunis offer the greatest concentration of schools, 1ibraries, movie theaters, cl othi ng stores, restaurants, and apartment.
Museum | TUNISIA
Heirakonpolis , the capital of Egypt about 3000 B.C., offers such excavators a major urban complex occupied from about 4500 to 1500 B.C. which permits study of the prehistoric origins and development of the later cultural forms. ... These conditions not only give the Lake of Tunis its characteristic noxious odor, but contribute to large seasonal fish kills which add to the odor problem as well as diminishing food resources. Scientists sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Geological Survey of Tunisia are collaborating in this research.
Country: Tunisia
Country: Tunisia. Proof of English Proficiency Requirements: • 550 on the paper-based TOEFL (PBT) • 80 on the internet-based TOEFL (IBT) • 6.5 on the IELTS • 54 on the PTE • 610 on the Critical reading portion of the SAT • 25 on the English portion of the ACT • successful completion of a college-level English class at a U.S. college or university (not an ESL class). Students who are otherwise admissible and present one of the following scores may be considered for conditional admission
Electoral Formula and the Tunisian Constituent Assembly
Abstract In 2011, Tunisia held the first post-Arab Spring election, for 217 members of its Constituent Assembly, by closed-list proportional representation. The electoral formula used, Hare Quota with Largest Remainders had enormous consequences for the outcome, in which the largest party was awarded less than a majority of seats and therefore has had to negotiate with other groups in drafting a constitution. ... The Tunisian 2011 election is noteworthy in that, despite dominating the field of parties, Ennahda’s seat bonus was not the largest.
University of North Georgia
The University of North Georgia is the state’s seventh-largest public university and offers more than 100 programs of study across five campuses in the state’s fastest-growing region. ... UNG’s Oconee Campus offers students a unique college experience that capitalizes on the area’s sense of community. The University of North Georgia follows the section 508 Standards and WCAG 2.0 for web accessibility. If you require this content in another format, please send an email to the ADA Coordinator.
Secondary Cities and the Global Economy
Kunming, the capital city of the Yunnan province, caught up in this process and ... Rodney Collins (Chapter 11) discusses the intersection between cultural and social structures, the colonial legacy, and capitalism in his analysis of how everyday Tunis residents expe-rience the city, as ... To redress the bias toward large scale and great power in choosing cities to study, we ... In addition, 47.2 percent of intermediate cities and 47.7 percent of big cities...
Tunisia and Uganda: Lessons for African organics
4. Africa (Tunisia, Egypt) (Mbiha et al., 2008; Parrott et al., 2003; Twarog, 2006; Vossenaar and Jha, 2004). Also, the number of organic producers in Africa has grown to the extent that almost 34% (540,000) of the 1.6 million organic producers worldwide are said to be located on the African continent (Willer, 2012). ... 12 Caritas Kampala is a Catholic, faith-based NGO that is located in Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city and the majority of its members are peasant farmers and small traders.
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Like Tunisia, Egypt has long had a large and active online public sphere. “It is here that illegal political parties, radical fundamentalists, investigative journalists, and disaffected citizens interacted” (Howard & Hussain, 21). ... of February 2011, Gaddafi’s security forces were driven back from the eastern coast of Libya. Meanwhile on the February 19, 2011, Misrata, the industrial capital and the third largest city in Libya, saw big massive demonstrations. “50, 000 citizens took to the streets and by the 22.
La Spada dell’Islam: Northern African Reaction to Fascist...
the Tunisian people and government generally accepted Italian immigration, as Tunisia was. lacking in the modernized capital and economy that they saw to be a product of European work ethic.29 Despite the fact that most Europeans living in Tunisia were Italian, however, by 1936 Italy officially possessed only 62,000 hectares of land in comparison to France’s 676,000. ... France—as we have seen—was the largest land-holder in Tunisia, and, as Tunisia’s colonizer, controlled its public.
Financial Regulators Gateway
Tunisian securities statutes and rules. Banking. CENTRAL BANK OF TUNISIA 25, rue Hédi Nouira BP 777 1080 Tunis CEDEX-TUNISIE. ... Turkish capital market law. Istanbul stock exchange regulations. CMB COMMUNIQUES (click on "Regulations and CMB Communiques").
Morocco, and Tunisia create the Arab Maghrib Union. 8 March: Qaddafi complains that movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to obtain power through the use of religion. 11 June: An-nouncement of the creation of the Qaddafi International Prize for Hu-man Rights, with jailed black South African activist Nelson Mandela as the first winner. ... BENGHAZI (BANGHAZI). Capital of Cyrenaica and second largest city in Libya.
Reconstruction plan of Hafisa Quarter (Medina of
This plan was the first large-scale renovation project of its kind to be undertaken in an Islamic country. ... Tunisia; which equality and city singularity in neighbors unit, the goal of prevention from native abandonment would ... Gentrification and the Deployment of Capital in a Globalizing Metropolis, Urban Studies, Vol. 40, No. 9, pp. 1791-1809. ... Fadel, Rawia (2009), Reconstruction of Hafsia Quarter: Medina of Tunis, Technical Review, Tunisia.
Transportation Research Part E
In such urban environments, transport effective-ness and efciency not only affect local and regional productivity rates, they also have an impact on citizens’ quality of life. The aim of this paper is to identify factors explaining local public transportation of large European cities from both supply and demand sides. ... In their model scale economies are an important source of welfare gains leading to higher subsidies. 5 Thus, seven cities receive minor consideration in our analysis: Chicago, Sao Paulo, Tunis, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Melbourne.
Sabanci Universitesi | International Relations - SU
Slovenia somaliliand south africa south yemen spain spanish sahara sri lanka st. kitts and nevis st. lucia sudan surinam sw africa swaziland sweden switzerland syria taiwan tajikistan tanzania thailand tonga trinidad tunisia turkey uganda ukraine united arab emirates united kingdom upper volta uruguay us pacific island us virgin islands USA uzbekistan vanuatu vatican city venezuela vietnam wake island ... Dancing in 7 countries 13 cities and 100 streets Ipek from Turkey.
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Tunisia remains in turmoil, with the government appointing a succession of prime ministers since Ben Ali’s resignation and an opposition leader recently assassinated outside his home in Tunis.32 Despite attempts to champion social media as a herald of political change, social media. ... The correlation of the Human Development Index and those cities where the rallies against FARC took place suggests that even in geographical terms the protest was formed by a global elite. Taking this into account we can assume that the inherent social structures are reflected in cyberspace and a huge part of society is still...
Studies | mapping tunisia’s security sector
The abuses of Tunisia’s internal security institutions and the impu-nity with which they acted against ordinary citizens served as a catalyst for the protests that ended Ben Ali’s rule. Reforming or otherwise dismantling this large and complex sector will be no easy task. The transition to democratic rule will require a fundamen-tal reorientation of the mandate and institutional cul-ture of the labyrinth of security institutions that con-stitute the Tunisian security sector. ... On January 12, demonstrations began in the capital of Tunis.
J une 1995
The second city is Irbid, the second largest city in Jordan. This city gain its importance after the establishment of Yarmuk University. ... Furthermore, the relation between Morocco and Tunisia is supported in the reasons indicated in the open-ended questions (table 3). However, clustering Greece with this group have different reasons. First, is their common agriculture products, namely olive oil is seen next to the Moroccoan and the Tunisian ones on the Jordanian markets’ shelves.
Arab Spring Brings Winds of Change to the
ever, was the first Arab nation in the MENA region to protest and oust its long-standing dictatorial regime, headed by former President Zine Al-Bidine Ben Ali, in what became known as the “Jasmine Revolu-tion.”83 A forerunner to larger demonstrations, on December 17, 2010, a Tunisian man set himself on fire in the capital city of Tunis because of low.
The Listening Strategies of Tunisian University EFL
Gabes is the fifth largest city in Tunisia with a population of approximately 117,000 (Foreign Investment Promotion Agency – Tunisia, 2008). It is located 306 kilometers south of the capital, Tunis. Gabes is a coastal town, surrounded by olive and almond groves and farm land. It is also an important industrial city that processes phosphates that have been mined in the west of Tunisia. ... However, Tunisian EFL learners can become “expert listeners” with a large repertoire of strategic tools, giving them more flexibility in which strategies they use to listen to oral texts.
Spend Spring Break in Tunisia
St. Louis Community College is pleased to offer this opportunity to join renowned archeologist Dr. Michael Fuller for a study program in Tunisia. Explore the diversity of this ancient country, rich in Phoenician, Roman, Christian, and Islamic history. Visit medinas, mosques, palaces, museums, and Roman ruins. Experience glamorous Tunis. Concentrate on art culture, history, religion, and archaeology for three hours of academic credit (course may be audited).
Mapping Australia’s economy: cities as engines of prosperity
But while city centres are vital to Australia’s prosperity, the concentration of highly productive activity in them presents big challenges for policymakers, because too many workers live too far from these centres to fulfil our cities’ economic potential. The report finds that CBDs contribute so strongly to economic activity both because jobs are concentrated there and because CBD businesses are more productive on average than are others.
13. French Tunisia (1881-1956)
French troops entered the city of Tunis on October 12, 1881. Some 800 Tunisian insurgents were killed during a battle with French troops commanded by General Sabatier near Sousse (Sūsa) on October 13, 1881. ... A Tunisian child was accidentally killed by a French-run tram in Tunis on February 9, 1912. Tunisian nationalists organized a boycott of the tramway following the accident. Several Tunisian nationalists, including Ali Bash Hamba, Abd al-‘Aziz al-Tha‘alibi, and Hassan Guellaty, were arrested by French policemen on March 12, 1912 (four of the leaders were later expelled from Tunisia).
Political Transition in a Post-Arab Spring Middle
By the time the revolution reached the capital city of Tunis numerous other groups joined in to support the movement including teachers, lawyers, trade unions, and the unemployed.3 In the end the combined effort of these groups succeeded in deposing Ben Ali ending his 23 years in power, providing an example for other states within the MENA region. ... France also happens to be Tunisia’s largest source of aid amounting to about 375.6 million every year.37 This stance has the possibility to alienate Tunisia from its allies and financial backers.
Seventh International Multi-Conference
Supported by: IEEE Region 8 IEEE Jordan IEEE Iraq IEEE Computer Society – Jordan Technology Business Incubator, Philadelphia University (Jordan) Philadelphia University (Jordan) Jordan Engineering Association (Jordan) Tunisian Scientic Society (TSS) (Tunisia) Association Tunisienne des Sciences Appliqu´ees et de Technologies (ATSAT) (Tunisia). ... The Commercial, shopping district in Amman the capital city of Jordan. It is only (30) minutes away from Queen Alia International Airport and (10) minutes away from the old city center.
Tunisia– WashLaw Web
Tunisia law resource page with links to Tunisia law, Tunisia law schools, Tunisia legal research, Tunisia legislative bodies, and more. ... Law Firms HierosGamos. Select by City or Practice Area.
Interview with Fares Mabrouk
We had imagined a think-tank based between Paris and Tunis and we planned for a [negative] reaction from the Tunisian government, but this is no more the case today. ... Espe-cially as signs of its success became clear, demonstrations in other Arab countries became stronger and drew larger numbers. Individuals in Al-geria, Egypt, and Mauritania copied the self-immolation of Tunisian fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi. Now, the chant of the Tunisian demonstra-tions, “The people want to topple the regime,” has resounded loudly throughout the streets of Cairo, Al-exandria, Suez, and other Egyptian cities.
Social Science & Medicine | in Tunisia and France
Tunisian women spoke Arab and French and used mainly the French terms for menopause and hot ushes. This second type of menopause had few and minimal symptoms. It focused on concerns about changes in bodily appearance, leading to loss of aesthetic capital and sexual value and fear of ageing e socially more than physically. ... The population of Tunisia has large disparities in social level between rural and urban areas, and between the almost or truly illiterate poor and the educated middle-class.
Drivers of Democracy: Lessons from
Commitment to dialogue has been a norm among the Tunisian elite since well before the fall of Ben Ali, and it continues today. For over a decade, secular and Islamist elites met in France to engage in dialogue about fundamental principles that would guide the country’s governance; the platform they produced after extensive negotiations was first published as the “Call from Tunis” in 2003, was reproduced in 2005, and formed the foundation for elite collaboration after Ben Ali’s fall.16.
Economic Impact of the Arab Spring in Tunisia
Tunisia found itself in a period of great oppression under the presidency of Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, who, after manipulating the country for twenty-four years, ultimately got overthrown as a result of massive protests that started in December 2010, later on turning into massive, violent riots which resulted in socio-economic chaos, death and instability. ... The Economist posted an article which states that people are also frustrated because the distribution of wealth is uneven between the rich cities and the poor rural areas, also making the distribution of job opportunities unbalanced(http...
Letters from Turkey, by Mary Wortley Montagu : LET. XLIV.
Lent — the natives — ruins of the aqueduct of Carthage — description and chronological anecdotes of the city of Tunis — ruins of Carthage. ... I saw there the ruins of a very large city, and found a stone, on which Mr W——y plainly distinguished the words of Sigaen Polin. We ordered this on board the ship; but were shewed others much more curious by a Greek priest, tho’ a very ignorant fellow, that could give no tolerable account of any thing.
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Physics/Senior – Exploring new methods for high altitude balloon launches. “Sending a camera to space is kind of the next best thing to actually going there yourself.” Explore Majors and Programs. At APSU, we are large enough to offer you a broad range of educational and social options, but small enough to treat you as an individual. We offer all of the resources of a large university, with a small college feel.
Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies
gainst this background, the Tunis conference aimed to raise awareness of the OSCE CoC among Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation, and to discuss its relevance for the region, including in the context of the growing threat of terrorism. The Conference was attended by some 50 participants (see annex for the List of Participants) from Tunisia and most of the countries of the southern Mediterranean. ... Session I – The Code of Conduct and the capital Importance of Good Governance of Armed and Security Forces.
Our Students
Quote: “ The world is large” – Okonkwo, Things Fall Apart. Musa Dampha. ... Fatma is a graduate researcher in youth civic engagement with Tunisia as a case study. ... Macodou is from Dakar, capital city of SENEGAL. He is a multidisciplinary person holding a DTS...
Motivations for luxury
The Socio-economic context of Tunisia Tunisia has been known throughout history as an open Mediterranean trading country. Prior to the revolution, the Tunisian economy was healthy on a macroeconomic level: low inflation rate, sufficient currency reserves, acceptable budget deficits, and annual rates of growth of 5 percent or higher. ... Examples of large American corporations investing in Tunisia are Fidelity Investments and IBM, which opened new regional headquarters in the capital city of Tunis very recently (Martin 2012).
E-tourism at a glance….Tunisia
Distribution of Tunisia’s tourism product. Tourism in Tunisia is essentially marketed by foreign tour operators as an ‘all-inclusive’ package including accommodation and airfare. Only business customers avoid this distribution network. The majority of tour operators which offer Tunisia in their brochures are European. ... New markets on the horizon Tunisia is increasingly broadening its sphere of promotional activity to target new markets, potentially large tourist generators, and to adapt itself to a volatile situation in the global tourism sector.
Education in Russia for Foreigners: University cities of Russia
Information about university cities and towns in the Russian Federation, their geographical situation, location etc. ... Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, which is a part of the Russian Federation. It is one of the largest economic, political, scientific and cultural centers of Russia. According to the official version, which is based on the latest archeological information, the city was founded not less than 1000 years ago by Volga Bulgars.
The Diplomatic Relations of the United States with the Barbary...
The population of the capital city of Tunis is reported to have been larger about this time than the Algerine capital, and the city of Tripoli smaller.6. ... In 1782 Hamuda Pasha became Bey of Tunis. Although he ruled in an absolute manner, he nevertheless appears to have secured a firm hold on the affections of his subjects. His administration, which lasted until 1814, was also characterized by a rapid growth of the Tunisian naval force.14.
Population, poverty, and politics in Middle East cities
Preface. Cities in the Middle East are in crisis. With burgeoning urban popula- tions that double every twelve to fifteen years, conditions of cities and their residents continue to worsen, particularly in the large metropolises and primate capitals. ... Richard A. Lobban, Jr., provides fresh insights into the informal economic sector (sometimes known as the nonstructured economy, invisible economy, or spontaneous economy) with a case study of Tunis in chapter 5. He notes the high rates of unemployment in Tunisia and.
Impact of changing climate in the Kairouan Hydrological basin...
The Merguellil catchment (central Tunisia) has undergone rapid hydrological changes over the last decades. The most visible signs are a marked decrease in surface runoff in the upstream catchment and a complete change in the recharge processes of the Kairouan aquifer downstream. ... The Merguellil downstream catchment is part of the very large and flat Kairouan alluvial plain that extends over about 3000 km2. Our research in the downstream part covered an area of 300 km2 close to the dam, west of the city of Kairouan.
World’s Largest Cities
World’s Largest Cities PowerPoint Presentation. Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations • 6 – G1.2.3 Use data to create thematic maps and graphs showing patterns of population, physical terrain, rainfall, and vegetation, analyze the patterns and then propose two generalizations about the location and density of the population. • ... Largest cities in the Year 500. 1 Constantinople, Turkey 2 Ctesiphon, Iraq 3 Luoyang, China 4 Nanjing, China 5 Antioch, Turkey 6 Teotihuacan, Mexico 7 Carthage, Tunisia 8 Rome, Italy 9 Alexandria, Egypt 10 Changan (Xi’an), China.
Learning What Makes Local... | BU Today | Boston University
Chelsea Desrochers attended town meetings in the Dominican Republic’s capital, listening to citizens’ opinions on all sorts of matters. Carey (SPH’15), Desrochers (SPH’15), and Cortney Tunis (GSM’15), all fellows at BU’s Initiative on Cities (IoC), spent their summer learning how local governments serve, or fail to serve, their constituents. Desrochers and Tunis worked in the municipal governments of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Boston, respectively.
Tunisians overthrow dictator and demand political and...
That same day, however, 300 lawyers held a rally in Tunis near the government’s palace in support of the protesters (lawyers also staged marches in several other cities). The Tunisian Federation of Labor Unions also held a rally in Gafsa province, although security forces forcibly dispersed the demonstrators. ... “PM replaces Tunisia president: President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali leaves country following violent clashes in the capital, Tunis.” al Jazeera.
Avoiding the arab spring? the politics of legitimacy in king
the organizing help of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT),5 eventually arriving in the capital city of Tunis on 12 January 2011.6 The Tunisian protestors called for the ouster of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, who had been in power since 1987, and the ending of corrupt practices by his close associates.7 Once the protests reached the capital, Ben. ... The economies of Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia faced relatively large amounts of inequality and corruption.
Russian Cities
This largest city in the southern part of the Urals with a population of around 900,000. Founded as a fortress in 1736, it was incorporated as a town in 1787. Today it is a major industrial center, well connected by rail to the rest of Russia. ... The queen city of the Urals, named for St. Catherine, the saint in whose name Peter I's wife, Catherine I, was baptized. During the Soviet period this city's name was changed to the evermore romantic 'Sverdlovsk', which remains the name of the region of which it serves as capital.
MESA 2016
Arguably the largest display of Middle East studies titles anywhere, MESA’s annual book bazaar will include ... to spend her money to upgrade, she can”: gender, cultural capital, and the cosmopolitan class in Cairo. ... 4600 Tunis Capitale: The Historic City and Its Built Environments Organizer: Daniel E. Coslett. ... Edna Bonhomme, Princeton-The port and the city: trade and plague in late eighteenth-century Tunisia Nancy Demerdash-Fatemi...
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New construction, custom-designed & modern school. Large, spacious classrooms full of natural light. Interactive classroom technology and free Wi-Fi. Large reception area and student lounge. Easy access to public transportation. Accommodation options: Homestay & ESL Townhouse. ... School information. Located in Boston’s Financial District, TALK Boston offers a comfortable atmosphere in the midst of the excitement of this dynamic city. As a student at TALK, you will receive excellent care and attention from teachers and staff. Come experience our classrooms with interactive technology and you will see why 98% of...
Turbellarian taxonomy
Echinoplana celerrima. 22345. lagoon of Tunis between the city of Tunis and the Gulf of Tunis (Khalij Tunis), Tunisia. 6059. 2009 or earlier. ... for site by latitude. Map locations collected by a given author (e.g., 'Luther A', 'Karling TG') [Note: case-sensitive---capitalization matters].
COMMUNITY PROFILE | Jlioula, Tunisia
Tunisia exports annually on average 112,000 tons of olive oil, representing 70% of overall olive oil production, and is ranked number 4 among exporting olive oil countries after Spain, Italy and Greece. In the context of the benchmarking of 10 criteria specific to the branch, the sector in Tunisia is compared to those in 3 different ... tons of which are destined for the local market (the olive tree gives fruit every other year). The rest is exported to the USA and Europe; the largest part, however, transits through Italy where it is rebottled, relabeled and re-exported. The olive tree produces only between its 8th and 100th.
CHAPTER 22 | The Tunisia Campaign
Although a landing as far east as Tunisia was desirable because of vast overland distances (from the Atlantic coast to Tunis is more than a thousand miles), proximity of Axis aircraft on Sicily and Sardinia made that too perilous. ... As Allied columns were breaking loose all over France, men and women of the French resistance movement began to battle the Germans in the streets of the capital. Although General Eisenhower had intended to bypass Paris, hoping to avoid heavy fighting in the city and to postpone the necessity of feeding the civilian population, he felt impelled to send help lest the uprising be defeated.
Daughters of Tunis - The Henry M. Jackson School of...
Daughters of Tunis. Women, Family, and Networks in a Muslim City. ... Daughters of Tunis is an innovative ethnography that carefully weaves the words and intimate, personal stories of four Tunisian women and their families with a statistical analysis of women’s survival strategies in a rapidly urbanizing, industrializing Muslim nation. Delineating three distinct network strategies, Holmes-Eber demonstrates the “public” role of neighborhoods as informal social security systems, and the impact of women’s education, class and migration on women’s resources and networks.
Colonial Representations, Post-Colonial Aspirations
came from “Tunis‟s most fortunate milieux” and included large numbers of young. ... places for European and Tunisian elites of the city alike. ... working in Tunisia, arranged occasional exhibitions in the capital typically considered of inferior quality by Protectorate...
Future of Australia’s Cities
Political sentiment on the right counter poses the decaying ‘city’, and its failed welfarism and dysfunctional public realm, with a flourishing ‘suburbia’, and its robust and responsible communal realms, including the privatised municipal function provided by homeowner associations. The capturing and concentration of investment capital in the suburbs has been marked by the emergence of ‘edge cities’, large congregate urban centres located on major outer roadways, existing largely in isolation and antipathy to the older cities and their mouldering downtowns.
Meaning Making in the News: A Discourse Analysis
People in Sidi Bouzid use the words “impossible” or “miracle” to describe the events of the last month. But they also say that what transpired was much more likely here, in this impoverished, agrarian central Tunisian city, with a history of resistance to colonial rule and nothing to lose. ... Ms. Cherif was one of thousands of Tunisians who marched through Tunis, the capital, on Saturday demanding the separation of mosque and state in one of the largest demonstrations since the overthrow of Mr. Ben Ali.
Egypt and Tunisia: Testing Grounds
In Tunisia, it was the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi. Every Tunisian could relate to Bouazizi, his hardships and desperation. He was a sole earner for a large family. ... On December 24th, lawyers protested in town of Kasserine in close collaboration with the youth. For a while, the Lawyers’ National Council assumed the leadership of the movement and organized demonstrations in many towns and cities on December 31st. The lawyers went on strike on January 6th; by this time many more towns had joined the movement.
Curriculum Vitae
2. Ph.D. Finance, Faculty of Management and Economic Sciences of Tunis, Tunisia. ... 28. 2011: GARCH-type models estimations and value-at-risk and expected shortfall analysis for exchange rate”, International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd, vol. 4(3), pp. 254-278 (with S. Mabrouk). 29. 2010: Capital account liberalization and economic growth”, International Journal of Economics and Finance, Special Issue, Canadian Center of Sciences and Education, 2, 122-132, (with H. Saîdi).
Establishing Recording Studios for the Purpose of
The Tunis project came about from a trip to Tunisia to initiate the recording project and help install the equipment for the recording studio. The project continued with the coordinating of three subsequent visits to the country for follow up work by other members of HSI. ... While the HSI teams generally prefer to record the more traditional local sounds, we have had invitations to very large cities in the non-western world where the believers asked for help to record more contemporary blended sounds.
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...and the South Sandwich Islands Spain Sri Lanka St. Helena St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Pierre and Miquelon St. Vincent and the Grenadines Sudan Suriname Svalbard and Jan Mayen Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tokelau Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan ... and Caicos Islands Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States United States Minor Outlying Islands Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City Venezuela Vietnam Virgin Islands (British) Virgin Islands Wallis and Futuna Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe. State.
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CQUniversity is Australia’s largest regional university offering certificates, diplomas and degrees.
Tunisia-Islam and Middle East
The Country and People of Tunisia: This site has hundreds of other sites that pertain to Tunisia. This site contains links to many other topics concerning Tunisia, including tourism, history, food, government, and media. University of Pennsylvania Webpage on African Studies: Tunisia: This site gives a history, government, constitution, and general information about Tunisia. Radio Tunis: This is a site with radio programs as well as radio program archives from Tunisia.
New York Film Academy - Los Angeles
Located in the Burbank area of Los Angeles — known as the “Media Capital of the World” and home to such institutions as NBC, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and The Walt Disney Company — students are immersed in the heart of the entertainment industry and are encouraged to take advantage of Los Angeles’s film opportunities. ... The Universal Studios Tour was brought back in 1964. Universal Studios, with its theme park, is the largest studio/theme park in the world. In fact, it is so large that it is a city unto itself with its very own zip code (91608), fire department, hospital, restaurants, shops and hotels.
Romania / Tunisia
I was hoping for either a Tunisia win so England could win the group, or a Romania win so the US could get the coveted 31st place. Unfortunately, it ended in a 1-1 draw, giving Romania the group, and ensuring 32nd place status for the US. The game itself was a rather dull one, save for a few sparks of creativity from the Tunisians. FIFA Match Report. Behind us is the goal into which Emmanuel Petit scored France's third goal in the final.
Department of Religion and Biblical Languages
TUNISIA. May 28 Mon ISTANBUL – FLY TUNIS Transfer to Istanbul Airport for TK 661 08:30/09:25 flight to Tunis. Our representative will meet you after customs and baggage claim with an “ANDREWS UNIVERSITY – TUTKU TOURS” sign. Meet and transfer to the hotel in Tunis. ... (B, D). May 30 Wed TUNIS Full day tour (9:00-17:00) to Carthage, the centre or capital city of the ancient Carthaginian civilization, Sidi Bou Said and Bardo Museum.
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Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guernsey Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Heard Island and McDonald Islands Holy See (Vatican City State) Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iraq Ireland Isle of Man Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jersey Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya ... Jan Mayen Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania, United Republic of Thailand Timor-Leste Togo Tokelau Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos Islands Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Minor Outlying...
Cities Around The World
Tunis. ... Tunisia. ... In addition to present-day metropolitan areas, this collection also features ancient cities and deserted settlements, including Carthage, Great Zimbabwe, Machupicchu, and Persepolis.
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Tunisia. الامارات United Arab Emirates. ... EF Residence Live in a residence or apartment style accommodation located onsite at your school or in top locations in your city. Airbnb Live like a local in the Airbnb accommodation of your choice: Pick both the location and type of apartment that suits you best.
President Ben Ali's Last Speech as a Case Stud
morning television segment on Tunisia’s version of Good Morning America and a weekly columnist in Tunis-Hebdo, a Tunisian French-language weekly, and editor of many independent news magazines. ... However, no hasty generalization can be formed, since a larger corpus of data, such as the previous speeches of Ben Ali, would be required in order to evaluate any deviation from the way he used to deliver his speeches, and to interpret better his mixing of dialect and Standard Arabic.
Short: City: Tunis, Tunisia Architecture: generic. For more of these maps, check the Perry Casta�eda Map Collection on the World Wide Web
Tunis Rappleye
Tunis and his wife were there to partake of this marvelous joy and be prepared with the saints for the great events to follow. The pointing finger of the Lord directed the Saints onward in the westward call toMissouri. Here we find Tunis and wife, parents of their first child, born 21 Dec 1936 at Crooked River, Missouri. At Independence, Jackson Co., Missouri, the City of Zion, the new Jerusalem was to be built.
The Narrowing of Federal Power By the American
country, the primate city [is] usually a capital city.”); id. at 122 (“[I]n the United States . . . [the] national capital is not the largest city in the nation . . . .”). ... It used to be said of Germany after the Nazis controlled the government that “whoever took Berlin ruled Germany.”122 In the capitals of Egypt and Tunisia, the capacity to control Cairo and Tunis proved crucial because it meant revolutionaries controlled all of the major institutions of national life.123.
Our Diaries From Tunisia, The Country of Revolution
"This made me realize that Tunisian really are a peaceful people. They do not dwell in past injustices. They move on, like in the present. Not one person here was focused on how bad they had it before the revolution. When asked, they talked about it. But on their own, Tunisian would rather focus on their joy now and their hope for the future. ... "This city smells like history, anger, and courage. Its odor is revolution. They seem like all those people are uneducated but it is not true. In Tunisia, what you see when you look at something is very different from what reality is."
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Hawke building, City West campus. International Students. Enquire online.
Source: Received as budwood from Nabeuil, SE of Tunis, collected by Fawcett, 1930. Parentage/origins: Parents unknown. Rootstocks of accession: Carrizo citrange, Yuma Ponderosa lemon. Season of ripeness at Riverside: December to February. Notes and observations: 12/1986, EMN: Bigaradia or sour orange type especially prized for its flowers for perfume, as used in southern France. Flattened, large fruits and petioles not so broadly winged. Said by Dr. Fawcett to be from a very fine parent.
Tanzania – Dar es Salaam. Tatarstan – Kazan. Tunisia – Tunis. Ukraine – Kiev. USA – New York.
Giving / The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
The Overseers of the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA) will honor Lloyd E. Cotsen, former President of the ASCSA Trustees and the first Chairman of the Overseers, as the second recipient of the Gennadius Prize for “outstanding contributions to the advancement of knowledge of post-antique Greece” at the ASCSA Gala in New York City on.
Of the three cities of Leptis, Sabratha and Oea, the last having been chosen for the capital ... The town, which of all those in southern Tunis has the largest number of inhabitants li\Tng in ... Of all Tunisian cities, Kairwan, surrounded by ruins, barren tracts...
Ohio State Marion professor
Mussolini’s Football – Soccer Politics / The Politics of Football
...of Vittorio Pozzo.[11] Pozzo was “Short, tubby, with black glasses and a shock of bizarre white hair,” and a larger than life ... [7] Tunis, “The Dictators Discover Sport,” 607. [8] Murray, The World’s Game: A ... Capital One Cup (1) Carolina Railhawks (1) Champions League (17) Chelsea (1) Chile (4) ... 1 (3) Liverpool (4) London 2012 Olympics (2) Madrid (9) Major League Soccer (25) Mali (1) Managers (13) Managers (3) Manchester City (9)...
Israel’s Geopolitical Dilemma
The rise of Islamist parties to power in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia implies that even moderate forces may adopt anti-Israel policies in order to strengthen their strategic positions in the region. There is therefore no guarantee that these forces will operate to promote a peace process that brings about an agreed upon settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. ... While the population in the Middle East used to be mostly rural and scattered, today there is a high concentration of populations in large cities.
A. Tunisia and Egypt
In an attempt to bolster support for the war, Tsar Nicholas assumed the position of Commander-in-Chief from his generals, leaving the capital to go directly command the military. ... Rivaling the provisional government was the Petrograd Soviet, a city council made of ... The first large-scale conflict to take place after the fall of the Soviet Union was in ... Joshua Burnett Political Science Thesis. A. Tunisia and Egypt. In early 2011, the...
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Choose a Topic. Cities. Counties. Economy.
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zip, city, country, dummy1, dummy2 1004, Tunis, Tunisia, , 14195, Berlin, Germany, , TRUE 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia, , 1050, Brussels, Belgium, , 20020-010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, , 1050, Brussels, Belgium, , 1050, Brussels, Belgium, TRUE, B-1049, Brussels, Belgium, , 1050, Brussels, Belgium ... The number of unknown data points has now reduced to 188. A more aggressive filtering of misspelled cities and/or countries should bring this number down to 0. But for this tutorial, this is good enough for illustrating the feature.
High Institute of Business Administration, University of Sfax...
As the culture of voluntary disclosure is not deeply rooted in the minds of most of the Tunisian leaders, it is very likely to see, in the large-sized boards, members who favor the increase of the voluntary disclosure extent in the annual. Vol. 11, No. 3. 343. Accounting and Management Information Systems. ... Concentration of ownership. CONC. = 1 if there is presence of a shareholder who has 50 % or more of the capital and = 0 if not (the website of the TSE).
Understanding Cities
Capital cities and C40 cities are also displayed to achieve an overview of the performance of large cities. Many large and capital cities have climate plans, but not all, and many only have mitigation plans. Dublin, Vienna, Rome, Helsinki and Tallinn do not have an adaptation plan.
ERC/METU VI. International Conference on Economics
Technological spillover from FDI: evidence from tunisian manufacturing industries. Sami REZGUI (University of Tunis El Manar). ... Log Yijt = log (aijt) + b log (Xijt) + eijt, Yijt = output of the firm i belonging to the industry j at time t ; Xijt = vector of inputs ( Labor and Capital). According to the Schmidt and Sickles method, relative technical efficiency at the firm level is measured as follows
Faculty | African and African-American Studies
Dr. Naima Boussofara, a graduate of the universities of Tunis, Exeter (UK), and Austin at Texas, is an associate professor of Arabic Studies. She received her Ph.D in applied linguistics but she also specializes in sociolinguistics. ... Teresa Leslie-Canty, AAAS Lecturer and a Topeka High School teacher, nominated by her students in February, won a free Nissan Versa Tuesday night as the KSNT News and Capital City Nissan of Topeka “Teacher of the Year”.
critical sources
In 1986, President Ronald Reagan, who called Gaddafi the “mad dog of the Middle East,” bombed the Libyan cities of ... Libya has an estimated 46 billion barrels of oil reserves, the ninth-largest holding in the world. ... TUNIS — Like the flight of Tunisia’s dictator or the trial of Egypt’s, the capture of Col. ... “We are the 1 percent who are not celebrating,” said Salim Abdul, who helps run a major mosque in Uganda’s capital named for the former...
Arab Spring | Tunisian revolution
The protest began in Libya, after the success of the revolution of Tunisia and went out the first demonstration to protest living conditions in the city of Al Bayda on 14 January, and protesters clashed with police and attacked government offices.[169][170] Anti-government protests began in Libya on 15 February 2011. By 18 February, the opposition controlled most of Benghazi, the country's second-largest city. The government dispatched elite troops and mercenaries in an attempt to recapture it, but they were repelled.
Art & Architecture : The Architecture [Text]
All around this stately enclosure was felt the stir and the presence of a great capital, - an environment which is missing at Jackson Park, owing to the distance from the heart of the city. The buildings of the Paris Exposition, moreover, presented a much greater variety of form, substance [xxi] and color than those of Jackson Park, - though whether this contributed to the general artistic effect may be doubted. ... In the interior, the large central hall has been furnished by the Bey of Tunis, in imitation of a similar apartment in his own palace.
IYA-Tunisia 2009
Dr. Hédi Ben Ismail, Director Tunis Sciences City Avenue 7 November 1082 Tunis Tunisia. Phone. +216 71 753 415. ... Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science in Tunisia.
Breeds of Livestock - Tunis Sheep — Breeds of Livestock...
Also Known By: American Tunis. The Tunis is one of the oldest breeds indigenous to the United States. ... They came as a gift to the U.S. from the ruler of Tunisia, his highness the Bey of Tunis, and were entrusted to the care of Judge Richard Peters of ... Oklahoma City.
to be confirmed. Organizing committee : H.-W. Henn (Strasbourg), H. Miller (MIT, Boston), L. Schwartz (Paris 13), S. Zarati (Tunis). ... Various applications to get supports are on the way, to Tunisian Institutions, to the National Science Foundation, and to French Institutions. Lionel Schwartz. Yours.
Islam, the Modern World, and the West
And at the USIA site, see as well the large number of Links to Articles on Islam in America found in the commercial press. ... Today the effect of Islam in American cities is noticeable. This is discussed in the article Islam's Urban Impact (link fixed 17 ... Islam in Tunisia. How Arabs fight Islamism: Letter from Tunis by Marshall J. Breger, professor of law in the ... The Mardjani Mosque in Kazan, the capital of the Russian Republic of Tatarstan.
Building a Holistic International Educational Partnership...
Fourth, I am fortunate to be Tunisian because Tunisia is unique in its efforts to harness the potential of its diaspora, thereby creating a very welcoming and supportive climate. Finally, this partnership would not have materialized were it not for the financial support of the U.S. State Department. ... A sizable group was thus formed and this group developed a large number of online degree programs, courses, and modules developed by Tunisian professors for Tunisian students.
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To book a flight from Indianapolis, you can use an online booking website (such as Expedia or Kayak), contact an airline directly, or use a travel agency. Travel with IU. OIS organizes trips to nearby cities such as Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. See the events calendar for upcoming trips. If you plan to travel outside the United States, it is important that you have your I-20 or DS-2019 signed for travel before you leave.
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Beirut (Arabic: بيروت‎ Bayrūt; Armenian: Պէյրութ Beyrut[2] Greek: Βηρυτός Bērytós; Latin: Berytus; Biblical Hebrew: בְּאֵרוֹת Be'erot; Hebrew: ביירות Beirut; Aramaic: Birot בירות, French: Beyrouth; Turkish: Beyrut) is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. As there has been no recent population census, the exact population is unknown; estimates in 2007 ranged from slightly more than 1 million to slightly less than 2 million. ... Tunis, Tunisia. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Amman, Jordan.
An Overview of the E-Government | Tunisia
Tunisia. ! Mediterranean country. ! Government system: Republic, President, Prime minister, …) ! Capital: Tunis. ! Languages (Arabic (official) and French). ! Ethnic groups (Arab 98%, European 1% and others 1%). ! Religion ( Sunni Muslims 99% and 1% of Christian, Jewish and Shia Muslims). 3. An Overview of the E-Government Initiatives in Tunisia. Nizar Ben Neji.
Ottoman reform and European imperialism
...signicance than those in the port cities of Salonica, Istanbul, Izmir, Beirut, Alexandria, Tunis, Algiers, and ... These conditions favored large landowners with access to capital and credit over ... Europeans began purchasing agricultural lands in Tunisia in the 1860s.
Tunisian Push for Democracy: Successes, Failures
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For weekend tours and large group campus tours, reservations are firmly required. ... The SFA campus is located within driving distance of several major cities in Texas and ... None Alabama Alaska Alberta American Samoa Arizona Arkansas Australian Capital Territory...
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Cantonal courts with limited criminal jurisdiction.� Courts of first instance have civil, commercial, correctional, social and personal status chambers.� Three regional courts of appeal and Court of Cassation in Tunis as highest court of appeal. Relevant Legislation. Code of Personal Status 1956, significantly ... Tunisia became a French Protectorate in 1881 and attained full independence in March 1956.� The Law of Personal Status, inspired by unofficial draft codes of Maliki and Hanafi family law, was passed soon after independence.� The TLPS was extended to apply to all Tunisian citizens in 1957, thus...
The Dynamics of Capital Structure : Panel
Imen BOUALLEGUI* Institut Supérieur de Gestion de Tunis-BESTMOD. ... Titman and Wessels (1988) argue that larger …rms have easier access to capital markets. ... [31] S.Banerjee, and C.Wihlborg: Irreversibilities, Asset Speci…city, And Capital Structure...
Libya, Tunisia: Migrants - Migration News | Migration Dialogue
Tunisia-Egypt. Demonstrations in January 2011 against Tunisian President Ben Ali, who came to power in a coup in 1987, prompted Ben Ali to resign January 14, 2011 and leave the North African country with the broadest middle class. Police who first shot demonstrators were restrained, prompting ever-larger ... Egypt is one of the few countries with a shrinking share of its people in cities. About 44 percent of Egyptians were urban in 1980, and 43 percent in 2010. One estimate found that Egyptian men who completed secondary school in Egypt earned eight times more in the US than in Egypt. Ivory Coast.
Tunisia 2003
Missouri State University Department of Geography, Geology, and Planning. Page 2. (click on image to see larger version). Water used to settle the processed Phosphate. A test pit for phosphate near Tozeur.
Sustainability and cities: extending the metabolism
1. The larger the cities the more sustainable they are in terms of per capita use of resources (land, energy, water) and production of wastes (solid, liquid and gaseous) and in terms of livability indicators (income, education, housing, accessibility). The reason for this is the economies of scale and density which mean that they have more public transport and recycling and are generally more innovative with new technology (Newman and Kenworthy, 1999) 2. Larger cities are however more likely to reach capacity limits in terms of air sheds and water sheds.
Urban Transport Challenges
Cities are locations having a high level of accumulation and concentration of economic activities and are complex spatial structures that are supported by transport systems. The larger the city, the greater its complexity and the potential for disruptions, particularly when this complexity is not effectively managed. ... In spite of significant subsidies and cross-financing (e.g. tolls) almost every public transit system cannot generate sufficient income to cover its operating and capital costs.
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Tunisia. Collège LaSalle | Tunis. ... Tunisia.
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December in the Armenian capital. ... Stiftung and the University of Tunis. ... Articles In the course of the last three decades numerous articles on Human Rights, Constitutional Law, International Law, International Humanitarian Law, humanities at large and current...
The Tipping Point
■ When pragmatic or moderate political leaders can create or recreate parties that will capture a large majority of votes while expressing the views and policy preferences of all major components of the national society. Looking to Tunisia and Egypt, democratization scholar Alfred Stepan highlighted in his keynote the critical role that “political society” must play to construct democracy in the transition period. ... Deep divisions exist between secularists and Islamists, and also between youth, the old political class, wealthy city elites, and the rural poor.
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Live in Barcelona while you study an ESADE MSc and enjoy the sport, beaches, culture, architecture, and history of this dynamic and thriving business capital. ... Barcelona, a city that inspires. Important events in the city. Mobile Word Congress (February) It is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, where the best mobile start-ups and entrepreneurs join with investors, accelerators, incubators and corporations from the mobile ecosystem.
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She spent this summer in Tunisia immersed in the language and the culture. “I learned a great deal in a very short amount of time. Before the program, I could barely introduce myself or talk about the weather,” Gambel said. “Now I have practiced speaking and writing in Arabic on a variety of topics, such as comparisons of women in Tunisia and the U.S., different regional stereotypes and my future career plans.”
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Irreplaceable area extends marine conservation hotspot off Tunisia: insights from GPS-tracking Scopoli’s shearwaters from the largest seabird colony in the Mediterranean...
Standings for The 2016 Tunisian Collegiate Programming Contest. Place. ... Institut Préparatoire aux Etudes d'Ingénieurs de Tunis (TN). IOI - Top Medalists.
ALAN v29n1 - John R. Tunis and the Sports Novels for...
Most of Tunis' protagonists (all male, minus one) come from small towns. In this novel, and its sequel, A City for Lincoln , a small, rural, largely lower middle class Indiana town boasts an outstanding high school basketball team. ... In this text, Tunis returns to one of his recurrent themes: the deleterious effects of meddling by affluent adults into schoolboy athletic programs within the community. Sociologists over many decades have analyzed the impact of the "Power Structure" on the direction followed by communities both large and small.
Education in the Middle East and North Africa: The
During the second half of the twentieth century, education has been taken very much as an investment in human capital, with long-term benefits both to the individual who is educated and to the public at large. ... In 1994, Moroccan net primary enrolment s were 58 per cent in rural areas and 85 per cent in urban areas, and Tunisian secondary enrolment s in rural districts were as low as 19 per cent while in Tunis they were 78 per cent (World Bank, 1999). Several factors contribute to the dropout phenomenon in the Middle East and North Africa
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(Figure 4.2) Tunis-old city (AL Shahen, 1989, p48). The occupation or foreign influence period: the Islamic State weakened and other forces emerged that were able to divide and control the Arab region. ... Balancing between Libyan cities: Lightening the managerial burden from large cities and capitals Benghazi, Tripoli by moving some institutes and industries to other cities to avoid population explosion Through must also be put into local funding sources that cities can depend on rather than depending completely on what the central treasury to execute their urban plans.
URBAN GEOGRAPHY | Origin and Evolution of Cities
A country's leading city is always disproportionately large and exceptionally expressive of national capacity and feeling. The primate city is commonly at least twice as large as the next largest city and more than twice as significant. ... Geographer Mark Jefferson developed the law of the primate city to explain the phenomenon of huge cities that capture such a large proportion of a country's population as well as its economic activity. These primate cities are often, but not always, the capital cities of a country.
Traditional African Music
Exploring the complex history of a continent as large and diverse as Africa within a few introductory pages is an impossible task. ... New cities flourished in the rich valleys of the Guadelquivir and the Guadiana, whose names still ... Trade was difficult to maintain, however, due to the tremendous distance between the administrative capital and the colonies. ... It is a geo-graphical region composed of modern Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.
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1995‐2001. At this international graduate school—Europe’s oldest and largest school of development ... Social Capital and Collective Action, with ISS and Bergen U (Convener). 1996. ... Urban networks in Ben Arous‐Tunis, Tunisia, with University of Amsterdam. G.
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capital nor interest on these loans was forthcoming, this led first to a not unusual interim of international financial controls and squab-bles. ... fiftieth anniversary of French rule in Tunis was celebrated just two years ago. Meanwhile in a book, the largest part of which was written while the World's Columbian Exposition was in progress on the ... strels chant to this day in the cities and villages of Egypt (see Lane's Manners and Ciisfoms of fJic.
1.3. Justification for the Study Tema is the larger of the two harbor cities of Ghana and one of the major and fastest growing cities with a population of about 160,939 ... It is the administrative capital of the Tema metropolitan area. ... Observations from Tunis, Tunisia.
The Evolution of the IASC into the IASB
In 1947, France established the Plan comptable ge´ne´ral, or National Accounting Plan, a detailed, codied regulation of company accounting, which France then exported to Belgium and Spain and eventually to Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Peru (see Scheid and Walton 1992, Chap. ... Furthermore, an SEC Commissioner has always been a member, and once chairman, of IOSCO’s powerful Technical Committee, composed of representatives of the 13 largest capital markets in the world.
Curriculum Vitae
162. ULS: Software Engineering for the 21st Century, Invited Presentation, e-Government and Smart Cities. Tunis, Tunisia, May 2016. 161. Debugging Without Testing, with W. Ghardallou, N. Diallo, M. Frias. ... CyberSec 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 2012. 149. Ultra Large Scale Systems: Next Generation Software Engineering. Keynote Presentation, ICCIT 2012, Hammamet, Tunisia, June 2012. 148. Conclusive Proofs of While Loops Using Invariant Relations, with Lamia Labed Jilani and Wided Ghardallou.
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In this strategy, IPV would be launched in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which includes the capital Abuja, and several priority states (i.e. high-risk states in the north-east and north-west) on the 11th of February 2015. ... Ultimately, the committee decided that one dose of IPV at 6 months of age would be most appropriate, given that VAPP was very rare in Tunisia and that there was a large benefit to waiting until 6 months to administer IPV.
Signature of Withholding Agent... | Tunisia Article 20
Tunisia Article 20. 1. I was a resident of Tunisia on the date of my arrival in the United States. I am not a United States citizen. ... This compensation qualifies for exemption from withholding of federal income tax under the tax treaty between the United States and Tunisia in an amount not in excess of $4000 for any taxable year.
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Tunis Agenda for the Information Society
World Summit on the Information Society. Document: WSIS-05/TUNIS/DOC/6(Rev.1)-E (18 Nov. ... 2. We reaffirm the commitments made in Geneva and build on them in Tunis by focusing on financial mechanisms for bridging the digital divide, on Internet governance and related issues, as well as on implementation and follow-up of the Geneva and Tunis decisions.
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Second largest city in California. ... Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Timor-Leste Togo Tokelau Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Turks/Caicos Isls. Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates USA US Minor Outlying Is.
Mapping - Canadian Provinces
Mapping - Canadian Provinces and Capital Cities. 4.1.1. Province/Territory.
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(8) Although the United States had good relations with the Ben Ali regime, Tunisia was not a significant player in Middle East politics compared to other countries in the region, nor did Tunisia have great strategic value to the United States. At the time, as some scholars have pointed out, "the ripple effects for the rest of the Middle East [from Tunisia] were not expected to be profound."(9) Moreover, although Tunisia had an ... Demonstrators in Bahrain used the Pearl Roundabout in the capital city of Manama as a sort of Tahrir Square, copying the Egyptian example, and camped out there to highlight their opposition.
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Hélène Cixous and Albert Camus.” The ruins of the ancient city of Carthage are located on the eastern side of Lake Tunis, across from the center of modern Tunis, Tunisia’s capital city. ... The Institut’s arena of intent is vast: culture in all its aspects, science, knowledge of customs, and large political problems, always approached with an open mind and spirit. And at the core of culture, what could be more interesting than cinema? All Arab countries produce films, and cinema is the most distributed cultural product across frontiers and in all classes of ours societies.
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